The Influence of Social Media

So we know social media can help fuel movements. The “Arab Spring” and “Occupy Wall Street” are movements that lived and breathed in social media, until it had enough fuel to drive people to the streets. They came in large numbers (and sometimes small ones), but with a message of equality for people, down with the control that the wealthiest people have over their countries and up with the ability of the less wealthy to control their own destiny. So does social media have a place in the aftermath of movements, whether forced by another country or their own people? Check out the new social media movement in Iraq, as the country fights to stay peaceful and build a new government:


We all continue to hope that social media can continue to make an impact on movements, whether they are a fight for equality or to understand other cultures in a movement towards peace. While countries, citizens, and other companies are utilizing this tool to create change on a large scale – what do you think social media could do for you?


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