Making Social Media a Success Means Being… Social?

Social media can be an amazing tool for companies, especially small ones. Smaller businesses have an even better edge than larger ones because they have an opportunity to get personal with their customers. Social media is not just about a free advertising space, but it is also about engaging your customers in conversation about your product or service and creating real conversation with them. So many companies are wasting their time trying to treat social media as just another advertising space, like a billboard or television commercial. So why does social media suck for companies? Read Adam Helweh’s article:


2 thoughts on “Making Social Media a Success Means Being… Social?

    • Mike,

      From what I have understood about the article, social media is bad for business (or money thrown away) when it is used incorrectly – just like any other form of advertising. The difference with social media is that it requires businesses to have more of a conversation with the customers than a generic sales pitch. The idea is that while this is incredibly difficult to accomplish as a larger company, social media needs to be utilized on a much larger scale by small businesses, who can spend more time in a conversation type atmosphere with their customers, getting to know them on the internet like they do in their stores – by name, by likes and wants, by getting a much greater feedback by having personalized conversations one-on-one or in small groups.

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